Monday! Monday! Monday!

The Super Bowl is Sunday.
They say a billion people will watch the Pittsburgh Steelers face the Arizona Cardinals on worldwide TV. Viewership of the big game tends to be closer to 100 million and concentrated in the United States and Canada.
Meanwhile, the Bud Bowl is Monday.
Security spending for the 2010 Winter Olympics was supposed to cost $175 million, but it has skyrocketed to $1 billion.
RCMP Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit chief Bud Mercer will show off some of the toys and techniques that will be used during the Feb. 9-13 “Operation Silver” security exercise. It’s a multi-agency, cross-border dress rehearsal to prepare for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Time and location are to be announced.
News and views on Vancouver 2010 (and beyond) from Bob Mackin.

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