Is this the Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 logo?

The eyes of the women’s soccer world will be on Vancouver’s B.C. Place Stadium on Dec. 14 where the logo for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 will be unveiled during a live webcast at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern.

B.C. Place is one of six host venues for the expanded 24-nation tournament and is in the running to host the championship final for the planet’s biggest women’s sport tournament. (That announcement is expected sometime in the spring of 2013.)

A non-coloured logo with the Canada 2015 word mark, however, is already on public view on the website for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s Trade-marks Database

The website says the trademark was filed Nov. 29 by Smart & Biggar of Ottawa on behalf of FIFA. The logo on the CIPO page features a stylized, 11-point maple leaf with feathers, rays of light, trees, and mountains inside. A female figure is in the foreground, with arms raised in victory, above the Canada 2015 word mark. 

To say the list of goods and services to which the logo may be attached is exhaustive would be an understatement. The last items on the list of wares are “cigarettes; tobacco.” 

Hey, wait a second, FIFA… 

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 logo? 

UPDATE (Dec. 14): Yes, indeed that is the logo. Here it is in better detail and in living colour.

Facts about the logo, from the organizing committee:

  • The inspiration or the design comes from Canada’s national motto “A Mari Usque Ad Mare”, which means “From coast to coast”
  • The unmistakable iconic maple leaf forms the basis of the Official Emblem design and in itself transports a strong sense of national pride and heritage. In a way the maple leaf may be seen to represent the country outline
  • Three sections contain elements that are open to interpretation but present Canada as a multicultural nation, showcasing both national and urban environments – the ocean, mountains, cityscapes and flora and fauna
  • There are eight elements which comprise the Official Look of a multifaceted Canada – Coast; Sky, Ice & Cityscape; Ambition & Mountains; Modernity & Urbanism; Pride & Honour; Water, Ocean & Inspiration; Celebration & Fans; Passion & Innovation
  • At the heart of the maple leaf stands a figure, a victory pose. As the stem and vein of leaf, it symbolizes not only the energy of the Canadian nation in hosting this prestigious competition but also awakens a sense of hope, joy and friendship
  • The Official Emblem is designed within the FIFA brand architecture
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