Of the green mayor and black-gold councillor

Annual city council disclosure statements published

You might remember the controversy last summer when the Vision Vancouver majority city council was going through the motions before rubber-stamping the Point Grey bike lane. It happened just in time for Mayor Gregor Robertson to sell his house near Douglas Park and buy in Point Grey.

The Whispers from the Edge of the Rainforest blog broke the news that Robertson’s 912 West 23rd Ave. house was for sale. Within days, the Mayor’s Office confirmed he purchased a new pad near the proposed bike lane, but tried to keep the actual location hush-hush (even though it would eventually have to be made public on the property registry and through the annual statement of disclosure). Robertson abstained from the bike lane debate and vote at council.

I broke the news that his new house was 1645 Stephens Dr., and the Mayor’s office went ballistic. Living in that ‘hood evidently has its privileges. Chip Wilson of Lululemon fame (and rubbing thighs infamy) lives in a new waterfront mansion down the block. When Wilson threw an Aug. 3, 2013 birthday party for his wife, that included a private concert by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Mayor was invited.

Robertson’s address now appears on his annual Statement of Disclosure, which is required under the Financial Disclosure Act and was published Jan. 15 on the civic website. He still lists interest in Cortes Island landholder Treedom Ventures, Ohana Partners Inc., and Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-op.

Going from A to T…

NPA Coun. George Affleck is a Yaletowner who owns the public relations and marketing company Curve Communications Group. He also has shares in Optima Minerals, Yaletown Capital Corp., Citigroup, Finavera Wind Energy and DHX Media Ltd., which has rights to George of the Jungle, among others. His real property holding is 201-45750 Keith Wilson Road in Chilliwack.

Fellow NPA-er Elizabeth Ball is conveniently one Canada Line stop south of city hall. Her holdings include Ball/Welch Holdings, Eos Lightmedia Corp., and Lightscene Ventures, which holds shares in CDM2 Lightworks Corp. Those companies’ products are seen nightly on B.C. Place Stadium’s decorative lighting.

Green Party Coun. Adriane Carr is a West Ender, but lists no assets, liabilities or property.

Vision Vancouver Coun. Heather Deal, during the great bike lane debate, claimed to be a Kitsilano resident. But on her form she lists city hall as her address. Shades of Seinfeld’s napping-under-his-desk George Costanza at the Yankee Stadium front office, perhaps?

Caucus mate Coun. Kerry Jang is in Grandview-Renfrew and earns income also as a University of B.C. professor, associate editor of Elsevier Publications, Metro Vancouver and EasyPark Corp. director and representative on the Union of B.C. Municipalities board.

Vision Vancouver Coun. Raymond Louie lives near Clinton Park in East Vancouver. The chair of the Pacific National Exhibition and Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund Council has a diverse stock portfolio, including BMO and Royal Bank, Nortel, Nokia, Manitoba Telecom and CGI Group, the Montreal company blamed for the failed launch of the Obamacare website. Here’s an eyebrow raiser: Louie’s holdings include shares in Calgary-based oil company Crescent Point Energy and Rainmaker Mining, which is in the fracking business. That wouldn’t be newsworthy, except for the fact that Vision Vancouver has been quite public with its opposition to oil industry expansion, via pipelines and tankers.

Vision Vancouver Coun. Geoff Meggs is a False Creeker who is also on the Metro Vancouver board and lists being an “occasional” columnist with Business in Vancouver.

Similar to Deal, fellow Visionista Andrea Reimer calls her residence “c/o” city hall and she has no assets, liabililities or property.

Vision Vancouver Coun. and West Ender Tim Stevenson has “Vancity RSVPs.” (I believe he means RRSPs.)

Vision Vancouver Coun. Tony Tang calls southwestern Shaughnessy home, but he has two lots on Passage Island (near Bowen Island, at the entry of Howe Sound) and his corpoate assets include K. Tang Enerprises property management and 1749-1440 W. 71st Avenue and 1749-1445 W. 72nd Avenue in Marpole.

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