Ethnic media get special access to PM and Preem

Mainstream media snubbed by politicians

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When Prime Minister Stephen Harper came to Vancouver in early January, mainstream media reporters were severely limited in their access and ability to ask questions of the PM. But reporters from ethnic media outlets got three-quarters of an hour with Harper for an exclusive question and answer session. The audio was later leaked.

Last December, B.C. International Trade and Multiculturalism Minister Teresa Wat held a Chinese-only news conference.

The Adrian Dix-led NDP scheduled an ethnic media-only event on Jan. 20. Premier Christy Clark is hosting her own such exclusive event on Jan. 23. The invitation is below.

These discriminatory sessions are not new, but they appear to be more common. We may not know about the Harper, Dix and Wat incidents without the reporting of Jeremy Nuttall.

Here we are, in 21st century, multicultural Canada, and political leaders are picking and choosing which types of media they want to accept questions from, based on ethnicity and language.

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From: Lo, Mary GCPE:EX
Sent: January-22-14 X:XX PM
To: ‘???’
Subject: Ethnic media roundtable – Premier Christy Clark
RE: Ethnic Media roundtable

Premier Christy Clark, will be available to meet with ethnic media tomorrow (Thursday, January 22) to talk about Lunar New Year and the year of 2014.

Event Date:        Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time:                  2 pm

Location:            Premier’s Vancouver Office

Suite 730 – 999 Canada Place


**Please kindly R.S.V.P. and send me the name of reporter if you are planning to attend.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



604 230 XXXX

Mary Lo

Media Relations Officer

Government Communications & Public Engagement

#316 800 Hornby Street,

Vancouver, BC.

V6Z 2C5

Phone: 604 775 2406

Cell: 604 230 XXXX


UPDATE (Jan. 23): Here is Nuttall’s story, about what happened when representatives of 10 English-language media outlets arrived at the Office of the Premier in Vancouver and crashed the news conference. Hilarity ensued. Clark was 20 minutes late and her aides, Ben Chin and Sam Oliphant, said the darnedest things.

Coincidentally, the provincial government’s human resources department — B.C. Public Service Agency — published the below request for proposals on Jan. 21. It is seeking a “Discrimination Prevention Course Delivery” contractor, to deliver workshops across the province. The B.C. Public Service Agency’s head is Lynda Tarras. Clark’s deputy minister, John Dyble, is head of the B.C. Public Service.

Topping the list of workshop objectives, according to the tendering document, is to:

“Identify and discuss the rights, responsibilities, and strategies for all parties to develop and maintain a respectful, welcoming work environment, to prevent discrimination, and to address it when it occurs.”

Evidently, in the B.C. government under Clark, it is not okay to discriminate against a co-worker, but it is fair game to discriminate against the media.

Mobile users: click -> Discrimination Prevention Course SRFP – On-002451 – FINAL

2 thoughts on “Ethnic media get special access to PM and Preem

  1. e.a.f.

    don’t think much of it. It is a clear indication the MSM doesn’t matter to these politicians. The MSM givse these politicians glowing reports and fail to report on the real news. The readership has fallen dramatically so why risk having the odd one ask an embarrassing question.

    The message the politicians want to get out is to the ethnic groups, who play a much larger role these days in who gets elected. The politicians are also in this way pandering to the ethnic media. “The message is, you’re more important than the MSM. The result, good coverage by the ethnic media. Its sort of like being a stranger in your own country. It must be how the First Nations People feel.

    Neither Harper nor Clark care about what voters in B.C. want. They have their majorities and thats it. if Dix is setting up meetings with ethnic media only, then he has just joined the ranks of the idiots. ‘at the rate the NDP is going, some of the NDP will be voting Green next time. After voting NDP for 45 yrs, that will be a big change for me.

    “The politicians may be able to pass this off as “outreach”. In my opinion it is just discrimination. We might as well get used to it though. Its going to be China’s way or the highway in Canada anyhow once that “free trade agreement is signed”. Now if we could only get China to come out and criticize Israel.


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