Vision spins like a top, lashes out at NPA

Gregor the Green and the Bicycling Doula are done, but questions persist

Shocking news emerged from city hall on July 5, that Mayor Gregor Robertson has separated from wife Amy.

A joint statement read:

“As people close to our family are aware, we recently agreed to separate. This is a personal and private matter for our family, and contrary to false rumours being spread online, it is a mutual decision that we made amicably and together. We appreciate understanding and privacy, especially for our kids.”


I sought individual comment from the Robertsons and Vision Vancouver campaign co-chair Maria Dobrinskaya on July 4, but did not receive a response. Two sources told me Robertson no longer resides at the Stephens Street duplex bought last summer — the one with the mountains and sea view, beside the controversial, new Point Grey bike lane.

Less than an hour after the statement, Vision Vancouver went on the offensive against the NPA with the following:


Vision Vancouver
July 5, 2014
Vision Vancouver calls on NPA to Explain Spread of Personal Attacks

Vancouver – Vision Vancouver is calling on the leadership of the NPA to explain the spreading of false rumours and personal attacks on Mayor Gregor Robertson and his family.

On June 16, NPA Vice President Rob Macdonald sent an email to Vision Vancouver, announcing he was attending a meeting to “discuss” rumours being spread about the private lives of the Mayor and his family. (The email is appended to this release.)

“This email is a sad representation of the current state of the NPA,” says Marcella Munro, Vision Vancouver’s campaign communications director. “Instead of talking about their plans for the city, the NPA leadership has launched a campaign of personal attacks.”

Munro says Macdonald and the NPA’s presumptive Mayoral candidate, Kirk LaPointe, should be asked directly how they explain these tactics.

“Mr. Macdonald needs to explain this email, and Mr. LaPointe should show some leadership and explain how this disappointing campaign of personal attacks represents the NPA,” she says. “These personal attacks show the NPA is as negative and backwards as ever. This kind of campaigning has no place in Vancouver, and the voters deserve better.”


Did you notice how the phrase “personal attacks” was used five times, but only once it labels them “false rumours”? The Mayor acknowledged the separation in the earlier statement, but the party has opened itself to serious questions by not issuing a more emphatic denial to other contents of the email.

Vision published the Macdonald email, but Vision has not addressed, line-by-line, the serious allegations made by Macdonald.

Where is Vision’s direct response to Macdonald? Did the party attempt to set the record straight with Macdonald, before releasing it on July 5?


From: Rob Macdonald <>

Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 6:14 PM
To: Gregor Robertson
Cc: Meggs, Geoff
Subject: Re: Kinder Morgan and a Broadway Subway
I don’t think I can make it. I have been asked to go to a different meeting to discuss some terrible gossip that I find very disconcerting if correct:
1) Gregor ‘s philandering;
2) Gregor’s being thrown out of his house by his wife and now moving to a condo downtown ;
3) Gregor phoning Jeff Lee at the Vancouver Sun to suppress the story;
4) Gregor’s house in Kit’s being sold for a substantial profit after the City engineered him having a quiet Street with little traffic ;

When I was thinking of running for Mayor, Gregor’s Chief of staff Mr. Mike Magee sent two separate emmisaries to tell me that he was going to destroy my reputation and one of the disgusting things they were going to leak to the press was a ridiculous accusation of philandering. Of course, this kind of rumour mongering is despicable and I will have no part in it. But I find it somewhat poetic that the now Magee gets to deal with Gregor’s widely rumored philandering.
Anyway, Gregor always has a friend in me if he wants a shoulder to cry on.

Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Rogers network.

From: Gregor Robertson
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 1:05 PM
To: Rob Macdonald
Subject: Kinder Morgan and a Broadway Subway
Rob —

Don’t forget that tonight, Councillor Andrea Reimer and I are hosting a neighbourhood forum on Kinder Morgan and the future of Vancouver’s economy. We’ll be discussing how to protect and grow our economy, support green jobs, and address climate change – and we want your ideas on how to do it.

It’s at 7pm at St James Community Square – will I see you there?

Also, in case you missed it, last Thursday Metro Vancouver mayors approved a ten-year plan for transit in the region. It includes Phase 1 of the Broadway Subway, with a tunnelled connection to Arbutus as part of the long-term plan of rapid transit to UBC. This is good news for the thousands of daily transit riders in Vancouver – including the more than 50% from outside of the city who travel Broadway every day – and will be a boost for both our environment and our economy. You can learn more about it here.

There’s more work to do – the Province is requiring that a referendum be held on it – but this is a good step forward. We’ll keep championing the transit plan and keep you posted.

And I hope to see you tonight at our forum on Kinder Morgan.


Mayor Gregor Robertson

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