The T in TED doesn’t stand for transparency

Talks for elite demographic contract at public building shrouded in secrecy

They say it’s all about Technology, Entertainment and Design and the TED 2015 conference, themed Truth and Dare, is the second of a three-year commitment to Vancouver.

Says the TED website: “This week in Vancouver, thinkers, dreamers and mavericks meet at TED2015 to talk about our world — and what’s coming next.” Headliners include Bill Gates and Monica Lewinsky.

I dared to find out the truth of what, if anything, TED is paying to use the Vancouver Convention Centre for its high-priced thinkfest (tickets: $8,500!). Initially, B.C. Pavilion Corporation wanted to give me nothing. I pushed it to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. PavCo coughed up the document below, but you can see it is still withholding the most-important parts of the contract.

TED and PavCo might be dreaming if they think they can keep the contract secret forever. PavCo is the same maverick, public-owned company that operates B.C. Place Stadium, home of the B.C. Lions. After more than three-and-a-half years, the OIPC ordered PavCo to release the Canadian Football League team’s entire contract by April 21. Read about that in my story for The Tyee.

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2 thoughts on “The T in TED doesn’t stand for transparency

  1. The 99

    Red is the colour of….

    Red ink, we’d say, just the kind that pervades BC public investments and “operations.”

    Didn’t we, the taxpayers, pay for everything that PAVCo has?

    Why is TED here, unless we are paying them to be. This is the only reason anyone would come to or stay in rain city.

    Hey, where is our check to make us stay?


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