Days are numbered for numbered streets

News conference on April 1 to unveil first step toward solving streets with no names

84305e16-3fd3-4399-ad3e-38273a9e0539-A15749_141An obscure housekeeping amendment by provincial lawmakers means big changes for cities and towns around British Columbia. And it is going to cost taxpayers.

The little-known Converting Numbered Streets to Named Streets Act will phase out numbered street signs and replace them with words. The move was included in a batch of legislation being updated during the current session of the Legislature.

City of Vancouver is already making plans to change signs on its 77 numbered streets, according to a list leaked from the Manitoba Works Yard.

All 22 former living and deceased members of punk rock legends DOA and the top 44 British Columbia Olympic medalists of all-time will be honoured with streets in their names. The first set of streets being rebranded will act as a tribute to the 11-member 1915 Stanley Cup champion Vancouver Millionaires, the only Vancouver team to win professional hockey’s top prize: Mickey MacKay; Johnny Matz; Cyclone Taylor; Frank Nighbor; Barney Stanley; Lloyd Cook; Silas Griffis; Ken Mallen; Frank Patrick; Jim Seaborn and Hugh Lehman.

The first new street sign to be unveiled in B.C. will transform 12th Avenue, on which Vancouver City Hall’s south entrance is located, into Cyclone Taylor Way. It is an apt move, because the Millionaires’ star became a civic bureaucrat in his later years.

A ceremony is planned before noon on April 1 at city hall with members of city council. The masters of ceremony will be the city’s co-directors of street identity and neighbourhood branding, Si Yuediyi and Avril Tromper.

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4 thoughts on “Days are numbered for numbered streets

  1. e.a. foster

    what a load of bullshit. renaming streets? numerical streets systems makes it easy for people to find their way. Must be another idea to get politicians and their friends names on signs. Just the cost of doing all of this is a waste of money. The government can’t pay for schools to be brought up to code but they think its a good idea to pay money for new street signs. what a bunch of jerks.

    how about they get down to the real business of running a province. not a pop stand.


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