Last minute Hallowe’en costume advice

Of Christy Clark, deceit, delete and FOI fright

imageBritish Columbia’s biggest political scandal of the season (so far) is the BC Liberals’ Freedom of Information-evading, mass email-deleting scandal.

It stems from Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham’s scathing Oct. 22 investigation report, Access Denied. The opposition NDP followed with further revelations of email-deleting at the highest levels of the Christy Clark administration.image

With all that in mind and Hallowe’en upon us, here is an easy way to  both commemorate the scandal and solve a problem for last-minute trick or treaters without a costume.

Find a “Delete” button from a computer keyboard, use transparent tape to affix it to a thumb, and, voila, you’re one of Today’s BC Liberals for Hallowe’en! image

(Take it to the next level and print a life-size photo of Clark, cut out the eyes and mouth, attach elastic bands with staples.)

A little deceit and delete is guaranteed to cause fright tonight.


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