Ms. Clark goes to Ottawa

Liberal traveling to Tory-tied think tank's convention

IMG_0008There she goes again.

BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark, an unabashed, Capital-L federal Liberal, will be in Ottawa, rubbing shoulders with small-c conservatives and Big-C Conservatives at the March 5-7 Manning Networking Conference.

The website says it “brings together conservative-oriented thinkers, students, politicians and interest groups to further develop and create a stronger conservative movement.”

In the hope of selling last-minute tickets (up to $417.45 a pop!), Manning Centre chair Chuck Strahl — the former Tory cabinet minister, spy watchdog and Enbridge lobbyist — sent this message to those on the centre’s email list.

According to the schedule, Clark will be speaking March 6 in a forum called “Energy, Environment and the Economy” with Alberta Premier Jim Prentice and Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski.

It will be a welcome departure for Clark from B.C., where another E-word is on citizens’ minds: Education.

The Clark Liberals announced a $29 million cutback for school boards in 2015-2016 and another $25 million in 2016-2017 in its allegedly “balanced” budget.


4 thoughts on “Ms. Clark goes to Ottawa

  1. Guy in Victoria

    When does a private function separate itself to a public function ? What is the benefit to BC taxpayers in having CC attend the Manning Centre function ?
    Why are taxpayers expected to fund the Premier’s trip to what is no doubt a political gathering with a very strong
    bias ?
    If organizers “Energy, Environment and the Economy” to the agenda….. is that an excuse to justify the expense of tax dollars ?


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