Last year’s MILF is this year’s "Premier Snake"

Clark wants Chinese voters to think she’s a smart snake

Premier Christy Clark was out wooing the Chinese vote Feb. 7 in Chinatown at a dinner in the Floata restaurant to celebrate the Feb. 10 dawning of the Year of the Snake and promote her Chinese name, Jian Hui Zhi (jan-WHAY-juh).

I am told that Jian is a common Chinese family name. Hui sometimes means “smart.” Zhi is also a common name in China, but it can also sometimes be a short version of ganoderma… aka mushroom.

Joining Clark on stage were fellow Liberal MLAs Rob Howard, Blair Lekstrom, Colin Hansen, Dave Hayer, Jane Thornthwaite, Richard Lee, John Yap, Ida Chong and Ralph Sultan, along with wannabe Teresa Wat.

Wat, the president of AM1320 radio, is the Richmond Centre candidate installed by BC Liberal Party brass in January. Yes, installed. No contest, despite at least two other people wanting to carry the Liberal banner on May 14.

Richmond RCMP Const. Gary Law said he was the target of threats and filed a complaint with the Mounties. Law has announced he will run as an independent. 

Richmond School Trustee Grace Tsang was first to declare her desire, but she was convinced to give up and become co-chair of the Premier’s Chinese advisory committee. 

Odd that the Liberals purposely avoided an attention-getting, membership-generating and donation-attracting three-way race in such a dynamic riding. Very odd. Maybe the party was simply giddy at the prospect of all the free media attention they could get from AM 1320.

It turns out that Clark’s 1965 birthday coincided with a previous Year of the Snake. Last year she was proud to be called a MILF during an FM rock radio station interview. This year, she’s hoping to “ride the serpent” to election glory. But it won’t be easy. Years of the Snake are never easy for the world.

The Great Depression (1929), Attack on Pearl Harbor (1941), Tiananmen Square Massacre and fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) and the dot-com bust and 9/11 (2001) were all in Years of the Snake. 

The year 2001 was also British Columbia’s most-recent “throw the bums out” election, when the electorate was tired of the NDP’s decade-long rule in B.C. Gordon Campbell’s Liberals won 77 of the 79 seats in the Legislature, albeit with almost 58% of the popular vote.

Snake babies can be egotistic and greedy, and prone to spending money quickly, according to this website. “They are usually very attractive on the outside and inwardly, that, taking into consideration their frivolity, can lead to some family problems.”

While Clark will be playing-up her snake sign on the campaign trail this spring, the NDP’s Adrian Dix is hoping to climb the ladder into the Legislature in May. He was born in 1964, a Year of the Dragon. 

In her Chinese new year greeting video, Clark offers only the traditional Cantonese “Gong Hei Fat Choy” greeting, neglecting the province’s growing Mandarin-speaking population, which prefers the greeting: “Gong Xi Fa Cai.” Will she learn the Mandarin greeting before she most likely returnts to Chinatown for the Feb. 17 annual Chinese new year parade

(While you’re here, you might as well enjoy the sounds of my favourite Chinese acts, the 12 Girls Band and Car Sick Cars.)

UPDATE (Feb. 9): The NDP Caucus bought ad time on Omni TV to offer its Year of the Snake wishes. 
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One thought on “Last year’s MILF is this year’s "Premier Snake"

  1. Ferguson can

    Great article! Worse is that Teresa Wat doesn’t even live in Richmond! She lives in Burnaby which has three Liberal ridings open. I guess Wat figures there are more Chinese in Ricmond that she can hoodwink. Pretty bad and a sign of “little class” she must depend upon her race as a factor to win. Furthermore; Wat has failed to respond to any tweets including her non residence. Making this even more interesting is Green candidate Michael Wolfe who is getting to be better known & lives in the riding which will play an important factor.


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